Virgin Hair Clips - How to wear Virgin Hair Clip Ins

How to wear Virgin Hair Clip-In Extensions

Virgin Hair Clip in Extensions

Your hair is literally 90% your Selfie, the key to looking good at all times lies in the promise that your hair should ALWAYS be and Stay laid .

With our busy schedules, lack of time and all the so many other things we going on, at times it can be difficult to lay that frontal or have that wig styles... this is where our Virgin Hair Clip Ins come in.

You can transform your hair game in seconds with them.. they can be easily installed at home and can be literally worn in a couple of minutes... or seconds... depending on how much of a pro you are.

Clip-Ins are made from both synthetic and human hair. At Goddess hair, we only stock Virgin Hair Clip ins. Virgin Hair Clip ins last much longer and tend to blen in much better with your natural Hair.

Our Clips ins are available in a range of natural hair textures, Goddess Hair Clip ins range from 4C Texture (natural afro kinky curly) to 3A coily hair clip ins.

To get the best Clip Ins experience, it is advisable to buy those that are made from human hair.

How to wear Clip-Ins

If you are reading this article that is because you are interested in learning how you can wear your clip-ins. If this is correct, let us dive right in without wasting precious time. Below, are some steps to ensure you have a stress free experience when installing your clip-ins:

  1. Wash your Hair- Before wearing that awesome clip-in you just purchased, it is advisable you wash your natural hair first. This will take off dust and excess oil from your scalp. A clean scalp will prevent the extension from slipping off easily
  2. Comb hair - To avoid causing damage to your natural hair due to the pressure the clip-ins can cause on your scalp, it is advisable you comb your hair to an all back position. Never forget to add texture to the parts of your hair you are adding the clip-ins to, this act aid in reducing the tension on your scalp.
  3. Be Gentle- Throughout the process of attaching the clip-ins to your hair, you need to be as gentle as possible. Avoid any form of aggressive brushing. Also, after installing the hair, brushing and tugging must be very minimal. You don’t want to cause unnecessary tension and damage to your hair in the process.
  4. Remove them at Bedtime- Never wear your clip-ins for an extended period of time. Ideally, they should be removed at bedtime. The good news is that, they can be removed as easily and quickly as they were worn, the watchword through the whole process should be care.
  5. Care for the Clip-Ins;- Well, just like with other forms of hair extensions, clip-ins also need care if they are to last for a longer time. The higher the quality of hair used in making the clip-in the easier they are to maintain, that is why, it is better to buy your clip-ins from trusted stores like the goddess hair, ( Here, you are guaranteed of getting long-lasting and luscious clip-ins at an affordable rate.
  6. Storage- Be sure to store your clip-ins in Silk lined bags whenever they are not in use. This will help them retain moisture and prevent them from drying out.   

3b Clip Ins Virgin Hair CLIP INS

Virgin Hair Clip ins are honestly so bomb.. Let us know what you think about them.