HOT RN 😍: What is a 6 x 6 Closure ??

HOT RN 😍: What is a 6 x 6 Closure ??

What is a 6 x 6 Closure ??

A 6 x 6 closure, is the ultimate must have for your hair closet right now, and we believe that this will be the case for a very long time.Β 

Just like how we predicted far back in 2012, that the frontals were going to be around for a while ( although back then we were bonding it down with glue that had no business on being on our hair *welps*)...likewise we know that the 6 x 6 closure is here to stay and here is how we know...

6 x 6 closure

The 6 x 6 closure is exactly what its name entails and exactly what is shown in the pic above, a Β closure with a width of 6 inches and height of 6 inches.

This closure size gives you the perfect and larger than usual square !!

This makes it possible for you to slay that wig or install the weave with utmost ease.

You can easily manoeuvre between side or centre partings or layered or bangs styles...yes.. you can flip that switch with ease.

The 6 x 6 Closure with its larger coverage, also makes your wigs or installs look much more natural. Yes, it provides the natural frontal look, with literally half of the maintenance . This closure is perfect for a glam night out, boss business meeting or just a quick run to the shops... that is , it is perfect for everyone.

At Goddess Hair, we take absolute pride in selling a wide range of Closures and Closure sizes. We sell the 6 x 6 closure online and available to pickup (if you are in London) from So Beautified Salon. Our 6 x 6 closure is available in our award winning Brazilian body wavy hair and Malaysian Straight Hair.




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Chelsea W. April 26 2020

Just made my wig with one and the 6 Γ— 6 closure did exactly what you guys described here. My wig looks so natural and is much more easier to maintain. x

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